Why should you use Mr. X?

We want to assist as many students as possible to better understand the language of mathematics. So this video service has been designed for both students and instructors.

Helping Parents and Students

Whether a student is struggling in math class or sailing right along, our easy-to-understand videos help any motivated student improve grades and reduce test anxiety. Examinations and quizzes are easy when you understand the material. The Mr. X curriculum includes six branches of basic mathematics from arithmetic to calculus. Each of the six branches of basic math has video presentations for glossary terms, lessons, and solved sample problems.

The language of math requires understanding that comes through study and practice. Our glossary terms and math lessons are designed to reinforce the principles and fundamentals required for a solid and fundamental understand of the ideas. The value of practicing is reinforced by presenting multiple sample problems solved in video presentations. While some problems are extremely basic examples, other problems are simply practice. The presentation of each solution is done at a pace that encourages the student to work along and reach the solution together with Mr. X.

Our vision is that you and your instructors (tutors) can work together to select video lessons and sample problems that will help prepare you (or your child) for quizzes and tests, all for a low monthly cost of $15. Teachers merit quality, professional assistance on their time, on their schedule.

As a teacher subscribed to Mr. X, you’ll have access to all the video presentations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These presentations may shorten your preparation time and also help you to be more effective with a wider variety of students..

During your class, our sample problems can be a great asset to classroom instruction. Sometimes you might present the problem yourself and solve it. Sometimes it’s useful to hear another voice. As a subscriber you are free to play any of our video presentations in your classroom as part of your instruction. .

Most importantly, Mr. X can be a great asset for you after the class. You can recommend specific glossary terms, lessons and sample problems for your students. Students themselves subscribed to our service may view lessons and sample problems as part of their homework or preparations for exams. The video presentations are a great asset to help your students get ready for State Certification exams. Practice is the best way for your students to prepare for academic assessment. With Mr. X, you can recommend sample problems that will reinforce the lessons you taught and subsequently help students solve additional practice or homework problems.

All this for only $15 a month. Everyone needs to understand numbers. Help us realize this goal. Mr. X takes the mystery out of math.
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