Solving algebra problems and much more, Steve Roberts has taught math, physics, and engineering principles for nearly 20 years. Known by his students as "Mr. X" since 1998, Roberts is a professional engineer. He is a certified teacher of math and physics in Kansas and Missouri. Additionally, he is certified to teach secondary math in Arizona. Roberts holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Missouri. He holds a master's degree in education from Grand Canyon University. Mr. X has helped thousands of students over the years master the basics of mathematics, especially solving algebra problems.

From years of experience in both classrooms and tutoring in private settings, Mr. X gives life to the language of mathematics. He draws on diverse experiences to take the mystery out of basic math with hundreds of videos (eventually thousands of videos) for math subjects ranging from fractions, decimals, and percentages to trigonometric identities and the tenets of calculus. His free Math Glossary and hundreds of sample math problems help students of all ages.Teachers find his approach very helpful in a variety of settings, but especially solving algebra problems. Whether you're interested in learning math as a student, making resources available to your students, or furthering your understanding as an instructor, the video lessons available 24/7 at mrxmath provide an enjoyable way to master the language of math, at your convenience, at your own pace. Find out more about our free and subscription services and join today!
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