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Title Description
N-gon When a polynomial has so many sides that we cannot easily remember its name, we just take the number of sides (n) and add "gon" to our characterization, as a 16-sided polygon would be called a "16-gon." Play_video
Negative Reciprocal The product of two Negative Reciprocals is -1.
When lines in Cartesian or rectangular coordinates meet at right angles they have Negative Reciprocal slopes, unless they are precisely horizontal and vertical.
Non-collinear Not linear, not aligned, not part of the same line.
Not collinear.
Non-Euclidean A geometry in which the Parallel Postulate does not hold may be termed a Non-Euclidean geometry.
In such a geometry, the shortest distance between two points may not be a straight line.
Nonagon A nine-sided polygon.
Norm The heavy-set guy from the Boston tavern Cheers.
Actually, its either a kind of average or a length.
Normal Usually meaning orthogonal (as to a plane), Normal sometimes means also merely perpendicular.
Normalize We might Normalize data by culling errors.
Or we might Normalize a vector by assigning a unit vector in its direction.
Nth Root Given some integer N and a real value, the Nth Root of the real value is the number that when raised to the N power returns the real value.
Nu Nu is the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet.

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