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N-gon When a polynomial has so many sides that we cannot easily remember its name, we just take the number of sides (n) and add "gon" to our characterization, as a 16-sided polygon would be called a "16-gon." Play_video
Natural Numbers The set of Natural Numbers is also the set of counting numbers, the same numbers we learn to count when we're little kids: 1, 2, 3, 4....
More precisely in the language of math these are the positive integers.
Negative Real values less than zero are Negative.
We also consider the Negative of a real value to have the opposite sign, as the opposite (or Negative) of a Negative value is positive.
Negative Reciprocal The product of two Negative Reciprocals is -1.
When lines in Cartesian or rectangular coordinates meet at right angles they have Negative Reciprocal slopes, unless they are precisely horizontal and vertical.
Non-collinear Not linear, not aligned, not part of the same line.
Not collinear.
Non-Euclidean A geometry in which the Parallel Postulate does not hold may be termed a Non-Euclidean geometry.
In such a geometry, the shortest distance between two points may not be a straight line.
Nonagon A nine-sided polygon.
Nonnegative We have occasions to refer to all positive values as well as to zero.
These are all the real values that are Nonnegative.
Literally, not negative.
Nth Root Given some integer N and a real value, the Nth Root of the real value is the number that when raised to the N power returns the real value.
Null Set The Null Set is the empty set.
Mathematically there is but one empty set, the unique Null Set, the set with nothing in it.
Number Line The real Number Line is a depiction of the set of all real numbers from negative infinity to positive infinity.
All real numbers lie on the Real Number Line.

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