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Face, Geometry Solids, in geometry, are considered to have faces when lateral sides are flat, that is, planar. Play_video
Foci Certain points in conic sections (and other geometric entities) are termed Foci, the plural of focus.
They are important to the mathematical mechanics of the functions.
Focus A specific point in a conic section (or other geometric entity) is termed a Focus, the singular form of the word foci.
They are important to the mathematical mechanics of the functions.
Formula A recipe or algorithm for calculation, evaluation, simplification, or just about anything we do in mathematics can be called a Formula. Play_video
Fractal Certain shapes maintain their shape through all permutations of multiplication, growth, dilation, division, contraction, or shrinkage.
Such shapes are Fractals.
Frustum Slice a pyramid (or cone) parallel to its base, remove the top.
What remains under the "missing top" is the Frustum.

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