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Title Description
Ellipsoid Think of a blimp (a zeppelin) or a football (American football). Play_video
Equiangular Having all angles of equal measure is to be Equiangular.
Equilateral polygons are most often (but not necessarily) also equiangular; they are termed Regular Polygons.
Equidistant Literally of the same distance to some reference point is the essence of Equidistant. Play_video
Equilateral Polygons with all sides congruent are said to be Equilateral.
Most Equilateral polygons are also equiangular (but not necessarily).
Polygons that are both equilateral and equiangular are termed Regular Polygons.
Equivalence When we establish Equivalence we set forth two or more equivalent or equal entities. Play_video
Euclidean Geometry The plane geometry we all study in school is a form of Euclidean Geometry, spiced with a few three-dimensional figures for flavor. Play_video
Exterior Angle An Exterior Angle is most commonly the angle formed between the extension of a side of a polygon and the adjoining side. Play_video

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