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Title Description
Definite Integral An integral evaluated between limits of integration is termed a Definite Integral. Play_video
Delta Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.
Upper-case Delta looks like a triangle and is used to mean "the change in..."
Derivative A first Derivative is the slope of the line tangent to a function.
A Derivative provides an instantaneous rate of change between variables.
Differentiable If a function is smooth and continuous it is differentiable. Play_video
Differential Equation A Differential Equation employs derivatives and algebra to solve for variables that represent functions. Play_video
Discontinuity When a function is literally not continuous because of a gap, a step, a hole, or any kind of "break" it is considered discontinuous. Play_video
Dot Product A product of vector multiplication, the Dot Product is a scalar, which means it has magnitude only and not an associated direction.
The Dot Product does not result in another vector.

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