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Calculus Calculus is the branch of mathematics concerned with the rates of changes between variables (derivatives) as well as areas under curves that represent functions (integrals). Play_video
Chain Rule The Chain Rule is a basic rule in calculus to find the derivative of a composite function. Play_video
Continuous A function is considered Continuous if its graph has no gaps, no holes, no steps, and no cusps or discontinuities. Play_video
Continuous Function When the graph of a function has no holes, no gaps, no steps, or no discontinuities, then it is considered Continuous.
It may have cusps.
Continuously Differentiable When a function is Continuously Differentiable it is both continuous and smooth. Play_video
Convergence To approach a limit is to experience Convergence.
Mathematical series experience convergence when the sum of their expanded terms reaches a boundary or limit.
Convergent Series A series is said to be Convergent when its sum approaches a limit. Play_video
Critical Number While there are many ways to define Critical Numbers, depending on the circumstances, most generally we're interested in places where a function generates either an extreme value or a discontinuity. Play_video
Curve Beware that mathematicians consider straight lines to be Curves! Play_video
Cusp When the graph of a function comes to a sharp point, we say that point on the graph is a Cusp. Play_video
Cylindrical Shell A method for volumetric calculations especially for rotated bodies around an axis.
The small thickness of the shell is typically the differential "dx" (or dy or whatever differential represents the incremental thickness of the cylinder).

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