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Title Description
Variable A Variable is a symbol, most often a letter, to represent a quantity that may change value, that is literally to vary in its value.
Velocity Formally a vector in physics, Velocity has both magnitude (speed) and direction.
Venn Diagram Most often graphics of overlapping circles and ovals, a Venn Diagram depicts sets, subsets, and their intersections and unions.
Verify To confirm is to Verify.
When we Verify, we prove or establish some assertion to a dependable conclusion independent from bias.
There is wisdom in these words: "Trust, but Verify."
Vertex A "corner" of a polygon is a Vertex; an extremum of a conic section is a Vertex; the endpoint(s) of rays that form an angle is a Vertex.
Vertical Straight up, perpendicular to horizontal, is Vertical.
Vertical lines have an indeterminate or infinite slope.
Vertical Angles When two lines cross (intersect) they form two pairs of Vertical Angles; the Angles within each pair of Vertical Angles are congruent. Play_video
Vertical Line Test Given a relation between x and y expressed as y = f(x), the relation is a function if the graph passes the Vertical Line Test; no vertical line may cross the graph more than once.
No single element from the domain of x may generate more than a single value of y mapped into the range, to be considered a function.
Volume The extent to which an object fills units of three-dimensional space is its Volume.

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