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Title Description
Equality A statement where two or more values are deemed to have an equal or identical value is a statement of Equality. Play_video
Equation A statement of equality, or equal value, is termed an Equation.
When we solve an Equation we solve for some entity or value that makes the statement true.
Evaluate When we Evaluate an expression we determine its value or the value of some entity within it to (typically) make the statement true. Play_video
Even (Integer) Even integers end with one of the following five digits: 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8.
These digits are considered Even and the integers that end with them are also considered Even.
When Even integers are divided by two the quotient is an integer.
Even Function Even Functions are symmetrical about the y-axis, provided they are expressed as y = f(x).
Even Functions adhere to the following: f(-x) = f(x).
Exact When a value is an Exact value it is either precise or equal to a given value or standard value. Play_video
Explicit Ideas or notions directly expressed or understandable are considered Explicit. Play_video
Exponent Usually written as a superscript, an Exponent is a number or entity to which some other value is raised, as a power. Play_video
Expression A mathematical statement of almost any kind is considered an Expression. Play_video

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