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Base (Exponential) Any value that is raised to a power is termed a base value.
That power is typically expressed as an exponent, and that exponent could be an integer, a decimal value, or a fraction.
The base is the number or expression being raised to the power of the exponent.
Beta Beta is the second letter of the Greek alphabet. Play_video
Biconditional A biconditional statement has literally two conditions.
The classic If-Then statement is the biconditional with a hypothesis and conclusion.
Binomial A binomial has two terms.
Terms are usually separated by plus signs or minus signs.
Binomial Coefficients Binomial coefficients are found in Pascal's Triangle.
We use these coefficients to raise binomials to successive powers as well as to determine the number of combinations or ways we can take a number of objects from a set of objects.
Box-and-Whisker Plot In statistical data, a box-and-whisker plot is sometimes used to graphically represent quartiles.
Quartiles are the extremes of the body of data, as well as the 25th, 50th and 75 percentiles.
Braces Braces act just like parentheses.
Always (almost) used in pairs, braces look like this: { }.
Brackets Brackets act just like parentheses, coming in pairs to group data or terms. Play_video

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