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Magnitude (Powers of Ten) When we multiply a real number times ten, we increase its magnitude by one.
When we divide a real number by ten, we decrease its magnitude by one.
Very much like place value, "orders of magnitude" refer to powers of ten, where greater place values indicate a greater magnitude.
Conversely, lesser place values indicate a decrease in magnitude.
Measure A noun or verb, Measure implies comparison to an established standard.
Measurement The result from comparison to an established standard, Measurement may be exact only to an agreed-to precision.
Median (Data) The Median of a set of data is the value in the middle of an ordered or sorted list, with just as many values higher than the Median as lower than the Median.
Minimum A low point or least value in the neighborhood of the graph of a function is a Minimum, the singular of minima.
Minute (Time) One-sixtieth of an hour comprises one Minute of time.
Equivalently 1 Minute equals 60 seconds.
Mixed Number We may write an "improper" fraction as a whole number followed immediately with a "proper" fraction.
Such a form is termed a Mixed Fraction.
Mode While Mode can take on several meanings in mathematics, it generally is used for the value of data with the greatest frequency of occurrence in a list of values.
Multiplication You know, times.
The operation to simplify addition of identical values.
You should learn your Times Tables, the basic facts of Multiplication.
Multiplicative Inverse Another name for Multiplicative Inverse is reciprocal.
Reciprocals multiply to one.

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