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Title Description
Least Common Denominator When two or more fractions are being summed we want the LCD to facilitate the operation of addition.
Least Common Multiple The LCM is most typically applied to integers.
It is the smallest value evenly divisible by each number for which we seek the LCM.
Line An infinite collection (or set) of points in a straight path.
The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line segment.
A line is an extension of that line segment infinitely far in two opposite directions.
Line Segment A section of a line, with endpoints on both ends, is a Line Segment.
Linear Linear means "of a line" or "lined up" in a collinear fashion, as in a straight line.
Logic Logic takes many forms and is instrumental in understanding the language of mathematics.
Long Division Adolph Hitler actually had two middle names: Long Division.
Just kidding.
And we should not kid about an evil, pestiferous maniac like Hitler.

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