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Factor (noun) The noun Factor is a value that is multiplied with another Factor (or factors) to result in a product.
That product of two or more factors is the result of the operation of multiplication.
Factor (verb) The verb Factor is the act of dividing some entity into components or pieces that, when multiplied together, produce the given entity.
We "break apart" some real value or quantity into its multiplicative factors when we Factor.
Factor Tree A Factor Tree is a written mechanism to see the factors or prime factors of some value (usually an integer, but not necessarily). Play_video
Fixed Fixed terms or values are constant, never changing value. Play_video
Fraction Fractions are many, many things.
But always, without fail, fractions are the result of dividing the top value (numerator) by the bottom value (denominator).
Fractional Exponents Real values can be raised to powers that are integers, decimals, or fractions.
Fractional Exponents can be thought of as having a denominator that is the root of the value being raised to the power, with a numerator akin to an integer power.
Function Most often a function means a relation between variables where for any input (an independent variable or element from the domain) we have a unique output (element in the range, or dependent variable result). Play_video
Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic A theorem that all integers can be written as the product of prime numbers is often called the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic. Play_video

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