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Title Description
Factorial A Factorial results from the multiplication of successive positive integers.
The term Factorial is either a function or a number, depending on its specific use.
Fibonacci Numbers This set of numbers itself grows without bound, but the ratio of successive terms in the series converges to the golden ratio. Play_video
Finite The common meaning of Finite and its meaning to mathematicians are not quite the same.
In everyday language, Finite means countable within a reasonable time.
To math people, Finite means not infinite; it means, simply, having a bound.
First Quartile In certain sets of data it is appropriate to divide the values into fourths by frequency of occurrence.
The First Quartile is the 25th percentile, or the high-end value of the low-end quarter of data values.
First Quintile In certain sets of data it is appropriate to divide the values into fifths by frequency of occurrence.
The First Quintile is the 20th percentile, or the high-end value of the lowest 20 percent (fifth) of data values.
Formula A recipe or algorithm for calculation, evaluation, simplification, or just about anything we do in mathematics can be called a Formula. Play_video
Fourth Quintile When data is appropriately characterized by percentiles, the Fourth Quintile is the 80th percentile, with only 20 percent of the data values greater than this; it is the bottom of the highest fifth. Play_video
Frequency How often (or frequently) does something occur? That is its Frequency.
The Frequency of a waveform is inversely proportional to its wavelength.
Function Function takes on several meanings in the language of mathematics.
A typical connotation is a relation between variables where for any input (an independent variable or element from the domain) we have a unique output (element in the range, or dependent variable result).
Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Single-variable polynomials with complex coefficients have at least one complex root.
The field of complex numbers is closed.
Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic A theorem that all integers can be written as the product of prime numbers is often called the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic. Play_video

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